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It's Hard to Hug a Moving Target

We humans are amazing at being busy- whether we're catering to the pressure to be productive 24/7, hustling for our worth, competing for status, or avoiding anxious or hard feelings we get holding still. We manage to stay busy all the time, but at a great cost.

I believe all this busyness is costing us real connection. How many of us refrain from reaching out because everyone else is 'so busy with their own lives' or we gloss over the details of something meaningful to keep it brief, keep it at surface level. Who has time to really hear content and context? Good grief, I hope we all do! The wild goose chase is isolating and exhausting.

It's hard to hug a moving target. The way I see it is; busyness generates disconnection and in turn it's this disconnection that drives us to stay busy to avoid lonely and hard feelings, to hustle for our worth and status and so the rat race continues. It was a wake up call when my three year old turned down my offer to engage because she "was busy right now." Uh, I think I can guess where she learned that phrase. I don't want to be too busy for the people I love.

I dare you to slow down, to be targeted. The stillness isn't always comfortable. Scarcity and FOMO will have us believe we're missing out. However, the reward of real connection is rich and far outweighs whatever we believe we're gaining by staying busy.

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