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Theraplay Informed Therapy

Research has shown again and again that having a secure attachment sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthy social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development.


Theraplay informed therapy is a highly experiential method that utilizes and recreates the process of developing a secure attachment between child and caregiver. Theraplay aims to create healthy relationships, and can help add to the child's sense of security, making positive changes to how the child views himself and the world around him. 

Theraplay informed therapy focuses on four dimensions of the parent-child relationship; structure, engagement, nurture, and challenge. 

Creative Counseling for Healthy Living LLC's counselor, Jennifer Welvaert-Koch, LCPC is currently working on earning certification to become a Certified Theraplay Practitoner. 

Hand Lotion
Popping Bubbles
Blanket Swing
Newspaper Punch
Lotion Handprint
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
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